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About Kanna

Over 100 Years of Leadership and Experience

Vision + Mission


Our team has strong Oakland roots, a passion for community service, and insatiable drive for sharing the medical benefits of cannabis with our patients, families, and neighbors. As a pillar of the business endeavors for the company, Kanna will lead by example as a positive force for change for our community, our city, and our industry.

Kanna’s vision is to work in partnership with our community and business partners to develop a thriving dispensary center where patients can access high-quality cannabinoid medication, discuss product selection, and determine personalized methods of administration with a professional, experienced staff who are able to serve their needs.

The mission we achieve to meet is largely accomplished by engaging individuals to promote well-being through the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids and cannabis products. We are active members within the community providing service programs for our patients and neighbors, as well as planning to host on site workshops, seminars, and wellness programs. Furthermore, Kanna will contribute to community wellness through additional non-profit contributions, affordable housing, and living wage job opportunities for local Oakland residents and area natives.

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